Our Coast is Worth a View

Dr. Peter Gill

The marine environment off Portland will be featured in the new series of Coast Australia by Foxtel’s History Channel.  The Foxtel crew will be shooting footage in the area this week to highlight connections between complex seafloor topography, the dynamic Bonney Upwelling and the presence of feeding blue whales in the region. 

Two marine scientists from Deakin University, Warrnambool will assist with the film shoot. Senior lecturer Dr Daniel Ierodiaconou specialises in detailed mapping of the seafloor in the South-West using sophisticated sonar equipment and has thown remarkable light on intricate undersea structures along the continental shelf and in Bass Strait.

Honorary Research Fellow Dr Peter Gill has studied the ecology of blue whales in their Bonney Upwelling feeding habitat since 1998. Dr. Gill is also the Senior Research Scientist for the Blue Whale Study which operates out of Tyrendarra. 

‘This goes to show how important the endangered blue whales are to people as far away as England’, said Dr. Gill.  ‘We have one of the most fascinating marine phenomena in the world taking place right here offshore from Portland and SW Victoria.  The Bonney Upwelling is why the blue whales visit our region at this time of year, to feed on the krill which thrive during the upwelling’.


PHOTO: Left to right: Dr Daniel Ierodiaconou; Dr Pete Gill; Cameraman Steve ?; Producer Tim Vincent; Foxtel ‘Coast Australia’ Presenter Dr Emma Thompson; Glenelg Shire CEO Greg Burgoyne; Glenelg Shire Mayor Councillor Max Oberlander.

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