What We Do

Marine youth scholarship

Marine Science Youth Mentoring Program

Blue Whale Study works with stakeholder groups including local, state and federal governments, universities, industry organisations and marine research organisations to pursue high quality scientific data leading to good conservation outcomes for blue whales, i.e. we want blue whales to be around for a long time to come!  Our defined role is to conduct ecological research and education programs to promote understanding and conservation of the endangered blue whales and their feeding habitat.

Blue Whale Study also fosters community participation in research and education via: 

  • the mentoring local youth in marine science and
  • community engagement activities such as the Upwelling Festival, Portland.

Blue Whale Study is internationally recognised through publications in prestigious journals and collaborations with leading Australian and overseas researchers.  Other activities include:

  • Baseline ecological research on blue whales and their upwelling habitat, southern Australia
  • Educational services including school and community presentations, community training in blue whale monitoring and production of educational materials
  • Consultation service to government and industry
  • Marine mammal monitoring and research services to industry