Wonders of Blue Whales and the Bonney Upwelling – Presentation by Dr. Peter Gill

A group of 30 environment volunteers were recently provided a presentation by Dr. Peter Gill on the wonders of Blue Whales and the Bonney Upwelling.  The event occurred during Volunteer Week (13 May 2016) in Robe, South Australia.

The presentation was part of the South-East Safari event which celebrated the efforts of South Australian environment volunteers.  ‘The group enjoyed hearing about blue whales and the Bonney Upwelling phenomenon.  These volunteers have been recognised for their tremendous efforts in working on coastal environment projects and had 3 days of touring, discussion, presentations and site visits’ said Dr. Gill.

It highlights the importance of ensuring that the community education program of Blue Whale Study continues.  ‘It is always with pleasure that I receive invitations to attend events which provide opportunities to present information on blue whales and the Bonney Upwelling to new audiences.  It is one of our core business activities and whilst it involved a bit of travelling we do work in South Australia so it is most appropriate we visit there and talk to people about the work of the Blue Whale Study and our goal of long-term blue whale conservation.’