Tax Time can Help the Largest Living Creature on Earth!

leviathanBlue Whale Study is dedicated to helping us gain a better understanding of what blue whales do when they visit their SW Victorian feeding grounds in summer.

Most people know that the environment is important and would like to do more to ensure it is preserved for future generations.

Blue Whale Study is ideally suited to help with this as all donations are tax deductible which provides a win win for donors and the environment.  Blue Whale Study is striving to continue vital research on the local Endangered blue whales and their habitat, and also to continue our involvement in numerous community activities which contribute to local knowledge on the significant marine phenomenon, the Bonney Upwelling.

“We need to continue our research in the Bonney Upwelling which apart from being globally significant whale habitat, also provides vital resources for the local fishing industry.  Also, our Marine Science Youth Mentoring Program is very popular with local schools and we can only run such programs with the help of grants and/or donations from the community’, said Dr. Peter Gill, Senior Research Scientist with Blue Whale Study.  ‘The local community benefit greatly in having a program for youth whereby they are exposed to a unique hands on marine science research experience.’.

With the end of financial year looming it is an ideal time for people to make a tax deductible donation.  ‘Donations of any size are welcome.  We use 17.55% of income on employees and around 6% on outsourcing accounting services such as BAS and annual auditing.  All the rest is used for projects and activities therefore we rely heavily on many volunteer hours to ensure we continue’ said Dr. Gill.  ‘We could do so much more if the budget allowed it as we are in a great position to provide projects and programs which not only benefit blue whales but also the local community.’

Donations are tax deductible and suit individuals and businesses or any organisation wishing to reduce their taxable income.  ‘There are very few environment organisations granted DGR status by the Tax Office. We are one of the lucky ones and we are locally based.  We spend locally, employ locally and do our work locally’ said Ms. Louise Sheba, Blue Whale Study Research Committee member.  ‘We are so grateful for donations and details of how to donate are on our website under the support BWS tab.’

For further enquiries please contact Dr. Gill on (03) 55295207 or Committee member, Ms. Louise Sheba on 0409505686.


Media Contact Details:

Dr. Peter Gill
CEO/Senior Research Scientist
Blue Whale Study
C/- Post Office
Narrawong Vic 3285
Ph:  03 55 295207
Mb: 0409147875

Ms. Louise Sheba
Administration Manager
Volunteer Committee Member
Blue Whale Study Inc.
Mob. 0409 505 686