Blue Whale Study’s strengths lie in its comprehensive and multi-disciplinary expertise on cetaceans and marine habitats of the Southern Ocean region, and its ability to work across varying industry and government sectors.  Our specialist expertise encompasses:

  • aerial and boat-based cetacean surveys – design, implementation and reporting
  • marine mitigation programs to reduce impacts on marine mammals,
  • ecological advice to inform Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), and
  • long-term marine mammal monitoring programs contributing to the conservation status and abundance estimates on cetacean populations in southern Australia

Blue Whale Study’s professionalism and expertise ensure our clients receive the rigour, detail and analytical capacity needed to address complex and time-driven issues.

We deliver in a timely and confidential manner on various industry and government projects.

Our services have led to revision of project parameters and operations to minimise impacts on cetaceans, and the implementation of more stringent protection for endangered marine mammal species.