Our Research Partners

Blue Whale Study (BWS) research covers many aspects of blue whale biology and ecology, requiring a broad array of disciplines.  BWS has established collaborations with other researchers whose fields of expertise complement our own. These currently include:

  • Dr Luciana Möller and Dr Catherine Attard, Molecular Ecology Lab, School of Biological Sciences, Flinders University of South Australia: genetic stock identification of blue and humpback whales, photo-ID matching. www.molecularecology.flinders.edu.au/molecular-ecology-lab
  • West Australian Blue Whale Project, WA, Australia (Dr Rob McCauley, Dr Chandra Salgado Kent, Curt and Micheline Jenner, Chris Burton): photo-ID matching, migration, acoustics, feeding habitat studies, satellite tagging. http://www.cmst.curtin.edu.au/research/wa_bluewhales/index.html
  • John Calambokidis, Cascadia Research, Olympia WA, USA: foraging and acoustic behaviour of blue whales using suction-cup digital tags. http://www.cascadiaresearch.org
  • Dr Simon Jarman, Australian Antarctic Division,TAS, Australia: genetic analysis of prey species from faecal samples http://www.aad.gov.au/
  • SARDI Aquatic Sciences: biological oceanography of the Great Australian Bight. http://pir.sa.gov.au/research/research_specialties/aquatic_sciences/marine_ecosystems
  • Dr Leigh Torres, Marine Mammal Institute, Oregon State University, USA: ecology of blue whales in the South Taranaki Bight, New Zealand. leightorres.com
  • Deb Glasgow, Independent Marine Observer and Photo ID Specialist, Paekakariki, NZ: photo-ID specialist