Schools & Community

Blue Whale Study’s operations are nested in rural south western Victoria, with connections interwoven in many of the coastal communities.   The mighty Southern Ocean bounds the area’s coastline, and shapes and influences much of the tourism, industry and lifestyle activities that occur here.

ABOVE LEFT: Portland and Lawrence Rocks (foreground) bounded by the dynamic Southern Ocean ABOVE RIGHT: Whale sculpture outside South Australian Whale Centre, Victor Harbor.

Numerous schools and community groups have shown a passion for their surrounding marine environment.  The Blue Whale Study and Dr Pete Gill harness this passion through youth mentoring (see Marine Science Youth Mentoring Program) and by delivering an array of educational presentations at local festivals and events, schools and naturalist groups.  Strong associations and relationships have developed with individuals and groups who seek to conserve this region’s marine environment in general, and marine wildlife specifically.

ABOVE : Dr Pete presenting to different community groups

Blue Whale Study continues to build upon this community involvement by providing advice and guidance to local marine-based industry, disseminating information to local media on marine-related issues and working cooperatively with government departments on cetacean conservation policy and programs.

Recent events Dr Pete has presented at include the Belfast Community Group, Port Fairy Winter Weekend Festival and National Science Week at the South Australian Whale Centre, Victor Harbor.