What We Do

Scientific Research

For 20 years, BWS has conducted ecological research on blue whales and their upwelling habitats in southern Australia.  We work in cooperation with local, state and federal governments, NGOs, universities, industry and other research institutions to pursue good conservation outcomes for blue whales.

Our current studies focus on photo-identification of blue whales, and on the distribution and ecology of the species throughout their upwelling habitat.


Education and Community Participation

Blue Whale Study is a strong advocate of knowledge sharing and education, and these are fundamental elements of the Study’s core activities.  We foster community participation in research and education to promote understanding and conservation of endangered blue whales and their feeding habitat.

For several years, we have successfully run a youth mentoring program for local high school students.   We also give public talks and presentations, engage in media work, provide community training in blue whale monitoring, and develop and publish educational materials.


Blue Whale Conservation

Blue Whale Study has made significant contributions to blue whale conservation policy documents for federal and state governments.  We provide consultation services to government and industry that operates in whale feeding areas and marine mammal monitoring and research services to industry.    Our involvement with industry is partly motivated by concerns about the potential impacts of offshore seismic surveys on blue and other whales, and their prey.